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A forever Love

March 10, 2018  •  2 Comments

In life, we realize there is a role for everyone we meet. Some will test you, some will use you, some will love you, some will teach you but its people like this that will impact your life without them even knowing. I have had the honor of getting to capture this amazing couples love on camera several times now. Being in their presence truly is a humbling experience; the love they share for one another and how their pure, gentle and sweet souls fill the room around you. They make you want to be a better person just by their actions alone! This session, in particular, I had the privilege to capture their entire family (almost 50 people, wow!) and every one of them is there because of this couples love for one another. Throughout the shoot, you could just tell that it wasn't me that gets this feeling from them but it was the whole family. They care for their mom and dad, mamaw and papaw or whatever role they play in their lives so deeply, and its so amazing to witness this kind of love.

This sweet family is facing a trying time in their life right now. This precious man has been diagnosed with the scary C word. It truly breaks my heart for them that they are going through this. It brings back tough memories from when I lost my best friend, my papaw, as a child. We may not understand why this is God’s plan and I'm sure they have a million questions but know God has a plan for everything! We may not see it and understand it right away but its there. Without him even knowing, this man has impacted my life so much by just being in his presence. He has me striving in life to be as wonderful of a soul as he is. To have a love and care for my husband in a way that will never end. For this, I am grateful and so honored to capture these memories for them and the family! Its sessions like this, that makes me love my job even more!

You all are in my prayers!



Rachel Ballard(non-registered)
Wonderful family! I know that they will absolutely CHERISH these sweet photos forever. You have done a wonderful job!
Penny Cheeks Denney(non-registered)
I grew up across the street from them such a loving family
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