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Jane + Johnathan's Engagement

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While away in Brazil for the holidays, Jane and I started planning her engagement shoot via text for February when she and her fiancé would be in from Nashville.  I suggested an early morning sunrise shoot so that we could capture the morning beauty.

 Fast forward to February 3rd , the day before their engagement shoot. As you know weather is crucial for a photographer. When looking at the weather forecast that night my heart sank because it was showing rain instead of snow that was originally forecasted. Jane and I  decided we would make a decision early Sunday morning whether or not to have the photo shoot.  

Jane and Johnathan both got up extra early Sunday morning to get ready.  6:30 AM rolls around and we begin texting trying to decide what to do. It is pouring the rain where I am…..the location of the shoot.  However, Jane informed me that it was snowing where they were located which was about 40 minutes north. She said that the snow was supposed to turn to rain around 8:15 AM and with the sun not rising until 7:40 we knew there would not be much time. I quickly threw on some warm clothes, made coffee (of course its 6:30 in the morning) and hurried to our new location in hopes to capture a few photos before the rain began. 

When I left my home the road conditions were fine but wet. It wasn’t until about halfway to the destination that I ran into bad winter weather! I found myself driving in snow/sleet at 40 MPH on the interstate with my emergency blinkers on all while passing many wrecks along the way. With lots of prayer I finally made it to the destination only to realize it was already sleeting there too. Even though it was sleeting the ground still had a beautiful blanket of snow over it.  Jane and Johnathan said they didn't mind to go ahead with the shoot in the wet and cold conditions.  So we hurried through the photo shoot so that we all didn’t freeze!

I can honestly say these two were AMAZING and I am truly honored that I had the opportunity to capture this beautiful couple!!  The pictures are evident of their love for one another. You can see their fun and beautiful personalities shining through each image!


  She even walked through the snowy grass with her cute little flats... I know her feet were numb by the end of the shoot.

And of course, we couldn't help but get a few moody shots in the stunning forest area !!


Y'all can we just take a minute to talk about how amazing her ring is?? AHHHHH Johnathan you defiantly did Great on that one!

I wish nothing more than a beautiful life and wedding for this amazing couple!! I hope you all enjoyed these images as much as I do. Congratulations Jane and Johnathan!!! 

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