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Hello, Lovelies!

I am Kendra Rodriguez the photographer behind KKP.  I am a coffee addicted, yoga loving, kind-hearted, travel obsessed, mommy of my little girl and wife to my Brazilian husband. Most days you will find me running around playing with my little girl, going to watch my husband's soccer team or snuggled up behind my computer with a large cup of coffee editing a beautiful session! I am a small town girl that believes that kindness is the way to show love in this wonderful world.  One of my favorite things is to see people being happy and succeeding. My outlook on life is its a journey, not a competition, so I would love to be your cheerleader in these special events in your life and capture them on camera to make these memories last a lifetime! 

I first picked up a camera my senior year of college when a girl I cheered with asked me to take photos for her wedding. I was shocked and told her I had never done anything with photography and I only had an iPhone and Coolpix camera. But with her low budget, she had faith in me. I borrowed a friends camera watched a ton of youtube videos and did a practice shoot I'm my yard with a friends baby, I was not going to let her down. I posted both the wedding and baby on my Facebook page and have stayed booked since. I had so much learning and growing to do but over the past couple years I have got some amazing opportunities to learn from talented photographs. I got the chance to intern under one of the number one Paris, France photographers, an established photographer in my town helped me more than he will ever know and I have attended many photography workshops and online classes to help grow my knowledge and love for my full-time job! Wow, that still blows my mind that something I am so passionate about is what I get to do to provide for my family and I feel so blessed!

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